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Here at Skip Maisel's Indian Jewelry Arts & Crafts, we are not just about jewelry! We also have one of the largest selections of Native American pottery in the Southwest. We have pottery from all of the Pueblos, plus hard to find Navajo Pitch pottery!

Acoma Pottery
From Sky City with its historic and prehistoric motifs.

Jemez Pottery
A diverse selection of quality hand-built pottery.

Santo Domingo Pottery
Traditional pottery that is still used today.

Isleta Pottery
Polychrome ceramic pottery.

Santa Clara Pottery
Classic handmade black pottery.

San Juan Pottery
Distinctively carved pots.

Zuni Pottery
Traditional pottery from New Mexico's western pueblo.

Hopi Pottery
Generations of traditional pottery.

Navajo Pottery
Traditional Pitch Pottery & colorful etched pottery.

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